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This mastermind group is focused on helping our members get these fundamentals right when developing, sourcing and launching private label products on Amazon or in E-Commerce.

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coaching with Amy WeesHi! I’m Amy Wees, you might have seen me speaking on brand building or listing optimization at one of the many e-commerce conferences in the US and around the world. I love to help people FIGURE IT OUT when it comes to branding building, sourcing, and launch! I started selling products online on Amazon and Ebay in 2007 as a hobby. In 2017, I invented a product and learned how to develop, source, and launch products while building my three private label brands.

In 2018 I began helping others start their own brands and launch in e-commerce. I’ve since helped hundreds of sellers get started and expand their product lines, and take the ultimate leap from day job to full time entrepreneur.

I developed a private label course like no other aimed at helping entrepreneurs launch products with confidence. This isn’t your typical course where you watch a bunch of videos and still find yourself LOST. It is a mastermind group of founders helping each other grow, with accountability and the structure you need built right in.


Whether you’re just getting started or working on scaling from your first products, there’s lots to learn that can really impact how quickly you’re able to scale your business and reach your revenue goals.

Our Mastermind Group is FOCUSED on Helping Entrepreneurs MASTER these Important Fundamentals:

  • Choosing the right product with the right differentiation – get this wrong and you’ll end up with a bunch of competition that all looks the same and a business that is really hard to scale
  • Developing the Product and Finding the Right Manufacturer or Supplier – so many people get knocked off by their supplier, deal with a trading company and pay too much money, or don’t know how to find a manufacturer that can actually develop their product. Not to mention all that money they spent on patents and trademarks. Yikes… need to get this right.
  • Sourcing at Profitable Margins – too many courses recommend 30% margins. What happens? You run out of money and have to borrow for new inventory, digging yourself deeper into a hole.
  • Launching without understanding branding, marketing, and search engine optimization – Guess what? If the customer can’t find you online, they can’t buy from you. Learning these fundamentals of first being found and second communicating through your branding and message the reason people should buy from you will lead to a bunch of money being spent on advertising that doesn’t convert. We focus on these fundamentals
  • Getting help when you need it. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, especially if you don’t have a trusted community to bounce ideas off of. Finding a mentor you can trust has been argued as one of the most important fundamentals to success in any business. That’s why we have this mastermind group. For accountability, communication and trust.

Join a mastermind group of founders that are committed to success!

The curriculum being presented in this group is not like other curriculum! You won’t learn the same information being taught in every “sell on Amazon” course that claims to be unique. It is time tested and based on my own experience helping others succeed!

Learn more about joining the mastermind at or sign up below!

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