Private Label Product Sourcing

When I first started my private label venture on Amazon, I was a bit overwhelmed with the entire process. How do I find profitable products that fit my brand? How do I get my brand registered? Is this supplier trustworthy? What is freight forwarding and how do I get my products from my supplier to my home for inspection? What’s a color card? What should I include in my packaging? How do I get samples? What about customs clearance? Well luckily I have walked this road and figured it out.  

Here’s where we can help you:

  • Choosing a product and working with a supplier to differentiate it
  • Creating UPC barcodes on GS1 or other sources
  • Getting Samples and Choosing a Supplier 
  • Designing Packaging, Color Cards, and Inserts
  • Freight Forwarding and Prep Centers
  • Finding Private Label Sources right here in the US
  • Listing your product on Amazon
  • Designing a Launch Campaign, Getting Reviews, and Giveaways
  • Developing a Website Landing Page and Collecting Emails 
  • Contacting Influencers to mention your product
  • Brand Name,  Packaging, Logo Design

Need help with something not mentioned? Simply contact me and we’ll talk about your requirements. If you need help on more than one aspect we can discuss prioritization and strategy.

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