Business Strategy and Planning

What is your overall business strategy? Do you have an exit strategy? Who is your ideal customer? What is your market share? How much money will it cost to get into business? Do you have a budget? What will it cost to make and sell your product? How will you sell it? What is your vision and mission and what goals will drive you there? All of this should be defined in a living document called a business plan. There are many free templates available but the best way to keep your business plan updated is to put it into a format you are comfortable with working with on a daily basis. 

Here’s where I can help you:

  • Defining your business
  • Developing a mission, vision, and goals
  • Understanding your Customer
  • Understanding your Market
  • Developing a Budget based on your plan
  • Entrance and Exit Strategies
  • Developing Tasks to meet your goals
  • Putting your business plan into a format you can understand and update
  • Prioritization of tasks and goals
  • Organization and Office Setup
  • Conducting business planning sessions with employees

Need help with something not mentioned? Simply contact us and we’ll talk about your requirements.  If you need help on more than one aspect we can discuss prioritization and strategy.

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