Amazing E-Commerce Mastermind MASTERS Level

Want access to the training you need most RIGHT NOW as an e-commerce entrepreneur?

Want to be part of a community where you can connect with other entrepreneurs making things happen in their private label business?

Want to learn from Amy Wees and other trusted experts and get exclusive discounts on group trips, conferences, events and more?

Then join the Amazing at Home E-Com Mastermind Group!

Our MASTERS level membership is for those who want the monthly training, on-demand access to the course library, weekly group strategy calls and one on one coaching sessions.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly Training Sessions on Hot Topics You Need to Master

  • Ask Questions in our Community and Group chats

  • Experts in the Fields of Branding, Intellectual Property, Sourcing, Shipping, Logistics and More

  • Discounts on Services, Trips & Events

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions where you can ask questions and connect with like minds

  • Full Access to our Course Library and Course Updates (excludes our retail masterclass)

  • 2 One on One Coaching Sessions with Amy each month

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