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★Your Photos are What Sells Your Product!★ Read the product description below for more information about what’s included and fill out this form, submit, and pay when you’re ready to MAKE SALES!

Please provide the URL of your existing listing. If you don't yet have a listing, skip and continue filling out this form
Give your product a title and basic description
Is there a particular layout you’d prefer for this photo? If so provide a link to a competitor photo or describe this layout.
What is your products strongest selling point and is there a particular way you’d like us to showcase it?
What’s included with your product? Is there a free gift? What would you like us to include in this photo?
Where is your product used and how? Please include any specifics you’d like in the photo
Does your product need instructions for use? If so, what are they? Will people care about the dimensions of your product? If so, what are they?
Would you like the guarantee photo or additional uses photo? Please describe your guarantee or additional uses you’d like to showcase.
Would you like the gift photo or other bonus photo? If you choose the bonus, please tell us what specific bonus photo from the above options you choose, and the details of your choice.
Provide at least 3 links to Competitors Products
What differentiates your product? We will tell this story in the photos
Not required, but helps us make your brand look even better
Don't worry you're in good hands!


★Your Photos are What Sells Your Product!★

Most people shop on mobile and don’t even read the product bullets and description! They make a purchasing decision simply by looking at the photos. People shop with their eyes! 

In order to convert every customer, your photos need to SCREAM premium product and tell the story of your listing to the customer. If the customer can’t see the benefits of your product in your photos, you might as well just pay your competitors because that is what the customer will be doing.

So many people are dissapointed with the results of their photographers or graphic designers, but it is important to provide these professionals with your requirements in order to get the expected results you’re looking for!

We will take your product listing and description and create a set list to CONVERT CUSTOMERS TO BUYING DECISIONS! 

What’s Included?

We will analyze your product and provide you with the recommended layouts for the 7 photos that will convert!

You can then HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER WITH CONFIDENCE in providing them exactly what they need to deliver quality photos. 



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