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Want to buy coaching in a bundle? With this option you buy 5 sessions at a discount. Then you can book one per week, 2 at a time, or whatever works for you!

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***DISCLAIMER: All coaching sessions must be used within 30 days from purchase, any remaining sessions not booked after 30 days will expire and not be eligible for refund. 
***RESCHEDULING OR CANCELLATIONS: By purchasing this product you understand that all sessions must be rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours using the reschedule or cancellation links provided in the meetingbird calendar invite. There are no refunds for no-shows or rescheduled/cancelled meetings under 24 hours notice.



Get a Second Opinion on Your Big Decisions

Many entrepreneurs are struggling with information overload! There’s so much to learn, sometimes it’s very hard to make the right decisions.

Book a 1 hour coaching session with Kevin and get another opinion on the big decisions you’re making. Consulting someone who has already walked this path and made the same mistakes can prevent you from making them in the first place, SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY!


Kevin Dickinson, Huntington Beach, CA

Kevin is passionate about taking action to make big things happen. “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” An outspoken entrepreneur, he has over 7 years experience in product development / eCommerce / CPG industry and 15 years experience working enterprise software development teams. He’s built and still operates his 7 figure Amazon eCommerce business. Bootstrapped from just $50, his private label wearable electronics brand was built while working a previous full time job and he’s eager to help you grow your brand similarly. Kevin has two young children and can understand the challenges of balancing your family while also hustling to grow your business vision.

Topics Kevin would love to Help You With

  • Validation: What product should you choose? Will your product sell? What price should it be sold at? I’d love to guide you through the most important process in our industry: product validation!
  • Product Development: I can help guide you through prototyping and testing of your product idea so that you can approach factories with confidence.
  • Factory Communication / Collaboration: Effectively communicate product specifics to Chinese factories and work collaboratively with them to get the product you want at the appropriate price
  • Product Orders: How many should I order? Learn how to make data driven decisions and build/decide on product orders like a pro.
  • Seasonal Products: Inventory / order management can be a tough subject for seasonal products and I’d love to help.
  • Profit & Margins: Are you making money from your business? I can help you target the right margins and negotiate with factories accordingly.
  • Automation / Software Integrations: Are you experienced seller looking to build automation into your business? I have years of software development experience and I’d love to help you draw out a plan to improve your business processes through automation.


How Does it Work?

Upon checkout you’ll receive a link to book your session on my calendar.

I conduct my coaching calls over Zoom so that I can share my screen and we can go over your questions together. If you prefer phone or skype, simply make a note when you book the call.

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

This price above is for 5 coaching sessions and must be paid prior to booking a spot on my calendar.

Want to save on coaching? Buy a coaching bundle instead and get 5 sessions at a discou! Plus if you’re wanting to learn more than just an overview of any given topic, we will likely need multiple sessions!


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