Amazing in China Trip Add-On: Sourcing in China Masterclass


This add-on takes place in China during Phase 2 of the Canton Fair at our group hotel. You must already have purchased the Amazing in China Group Trip to purchase this special add-on. Actual dates and times will be released to participants prior to travel.

SOURCING IN CHINA MASTERCLASS: That the Canton Fair has a lot of great factories, but those factories pay sometimes over $100,000 for one booth. So the factories that you’re seeing at the Canton Fair, makeup over 60,000 booths but represent a tiny sliver of what you can find in China.

We’re inviting the most incredible experts, some from China who speak Chinese and English and have worked for years in just about every industry there. And others who have teams in China to source for them. These experts are excited to come and speak on a panel and answer your questions!

Learn how to source outside of the Canton Fair: We will teach you how to source outside of Canton Fair. We want you to find good suppliers at Canton Fair, but I also want you to be empowered to find factories for your niche outside of Canton Fair. How do you find suppliers when it’s not Canton fair time?

Learn negotiation and pricing secrets: How do you know a supplier is giving you a good price? What questions should you ask and how should you ask them? Why should you go look at the factory yourself or send someone to check it out for you? What can you gain from that? What are the best ways to negotiate lower pricing? How can you check the price of materials your supplier is getting? We’re going to get into it!!

This class is for beginners to those who are experienced in sourcing. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been to China many times, we’re going to really help you master things you never knew about sourcing in China.


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