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Announcing the INSPIRE 2020 Virtual Summit

This is your chance to see all the presentations from our January INSPIRE Conference, as well as attend NEW live Q&A sessions with speakers, revisit your goals and plan for your business.

The best part? It’s 100% virtual. All videos and live sessions will be scheduled and broadcasted inside of a private Facebook group. So you can attend from the comfort of your home or office, in your free time, and you can ask questions and join in the conversation online.

Why Buy Now? We are offering a special early bird discount for all of our conference attendees and those who missed the conference but don’t want to miss out on the information, to purchase the ticket to our Virtual Summit for 50% off!

Watch the below video to find out why you can't miss it!

INSPIRE Virtual Summit - Online 18-20 March
(Content Available for 60 days Afterwards)

How does it work? 

Simply add the below product to your cart and check out online and we’ll send you the link to our virtual summit private Facebook group page. There we’ll ask you for your order number and grant you access into the group!

Do I have to have Facebook to access the training? 

Yes, you’ll required a free Facebook account to access the online virtual summit special live Q&A sessions with our speakers as well as the conference videos and conversations with other virtual conference attendees.

Don’t worry, you can create a free Facebook account just for use in accessing the event and delete it later. No need to become a social media maven.


INSPIRE Virtual Summit

$200.00 $99.00

Get a great early bird special on the INSPIRE Online Virtual Summit featuring full conference recordings of our live event plus NEW live Q&A sessions with our speakers. Inspire 2020 is helping businesses just like yours to grow.


Fuel your Business Passion in 2020 with Actionable Hands-On Workshops & Breakthrough with INSPIRing Keynotes.  This is a conference like no other hosting some of the best workshops that give you hands-on understanding how to build and grow your business.  INSPIRE attendees will experience focus drive workshops and INSPIRing keynotes.

Now you can attend our virtual online summit and access the conference presentations and new live Q&A sessions in March at this special event. The best part? The videos will remain published in the private Facebook group until our next live conference event so you’ll have access to this great training at anytime.

This event will be documented in it’s entirety so if you join us in San Antonio, great!  You will be able to access these incredible conference presentations again during our virtual summit and maintain access to the training at anytime from the event publishing in early March until our next live event!

If you can’t join us live in San Antonio you can still get all the training that will help your business grow at our virtual summit.


Conference Day One

  • Amy Wees: Defining your Business and Vision
  • Zahra Cruzan: Branding
  • Stephanie Scheller: Marketing
  • Ashleigh Peregoy: Vision
  • Timothy Bush: Pitching
  • Krystsina Uradzimskaya: Growing a Product Based Business from Start to Awesome

Conference Day Two

  • Nechole Whitlock: Entrepreneur Mindset & Considerations when starting
  • Kristin Schulze: Strategy and Growth
  • Natalie Gingrich: Strategic Mapping
  • Amy Wees: Goal Setting
  • Aj Smit: Create a Sustainable Life and Business You Flourish In

Conference Day Three

  • Jeff Schick: Business Law
  • Round Table: Financing Your Business
  • Amy Wees and Aj Smit: Social Media Planning
  • Joy Packard: The Importance of Outsourcing and Building a Team
  • Kevin Dickinson: How I Built This – Scaling to 7 Figures


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