INSPIRE Scholarship Offer Invitation

Just in case you missed the announcement on our Facebook page, I know the holidays have been crazy times! I wanted to ensure you received this special scholarship offer!

We have decided that it is so important to us to get YOU here to this first ever INSPIRE business conference, even if that means us digging into our own pockets to make that happen. I know this conference is going to give business owners the vision, the strategy, and the road map they need to achieve success. And for me, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why I co-founded this conference.

If you booked three days and over 72 hours of my undivided attention, just to work on your business and map out an amazing plan, it would cost over $7000! But instead you are getting the time and attention of 15 INCREDIBLE MENTORS, including myself, for 3 days. 3 days of working on your business and actually writing your road map, getting after your questions, executing your vision and networking with others that will push you to be better.

So here goes, we are offering a limited number of scholarships for you to attend the INSPIRE conference for only $100! 

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, don’t wait. We’ve already had over half of the offers claimed in just one day. 

How does it work? Simply fill out the form at and you’ll receive the offer link. It’s that easy.

Want more information about the conference? See below…

INSPIRE 2020 Conference

You know the feeling… You started your business with this incredible vision, and somehow it got away from you. You seem to spend your days putting out fires and now you’d love to press the pause button, map out your goals, plan for the future, and grow the company to reach its full potential. You’re not alone, this is something many business owners struggle with and we decided to do something about it!

Join us at a conference like no other – it’s time to experience actionable workshops and get hands-on in understanding how to build and grow your business. INSPIRE attendees will experience focus driven workshops and INSPIRing keynotes!

INSPIRE 2020 will take place in San Antonio, TX!  Our host location is Launch SA, in the heart of downtown, near the Riverwalk.

·      The conference officially begins on Tuesday, January 28th with a focus on defining your vision, connecting with your customers and growing your sales through Brand Messaging and Marketing, specifically working on your Vision and Pitch.  You can also choose to join our Pitch Perfect Workshop** hosted on Tuesday night.

·      We reconvene on Wednesday, January 29th for Day Two – Strategy & Growth where we’ll teach you how to plan for the future, fill in the blanks of your organization, and set goals and milestones to achieve future growth! All attendees have the option of joining us for a Mentor Luncheon***.  Included with all INSPIRE 2020 tickets is our Networking Night, a chance to deepen your conference connections.

·      Finally, our conference concludes on Thursday, January 30th – After all that planning, it’s time to take action in your business. We’ll cover topics such as negotiating, outsourcing, legal considerations, and more.

·      Extend your experience by attending our Friday, January 31st Closer Breakfast. ****

ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED: In order to focus on forming deep connections and breaking through tough problems in your business, attendance is limited to 100 participants.