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Product Research and Validation

Advertising & Product Research

Operations and Scaling

OCTOBER REPLAYS 10/5 Business Operations (Getting Organized) 10/8 Group Q&A Session (Launch & Ads) 10/12 Scaling Your Business 10/15 Monthly Goal Setting & Task Tracking 10/19 Group Q&A Session (Research & Sourcing) 10/22 Productivity & Time Management 10/26 Outsourcing & Hiring 10/29 Mindset & Focus

Launching Your Products on Amazon

SEPTEMBER MASTERMIND REPLAYS  9/2 – Getting Your Products in the Media 9/7 Pre-Launch Part I (Listing) 9/10 Pre-Launch Part II (Shipping, Packaging & Labels) 9/14 Pre-Launch Part III (PPC Setup) 9/17 Pre-Launch Part III (PPC Part 2) 9/21 Pre-Launch Part IV (Chat Bots) 9/24 Pre-Launch Part V (External Ads)  9/28 Launch Phases 1&2 (Review, Promos, Traffic […]

Design Patents

In this class, I show you how I filed my own design patent with the USPTO using freelancers.

Specialty Retail Masterclass Hello, welcome to the specialty retail masterclass. This is a private course for paid members only. To enroll, visit Specialty Retail Masterclass. If you've already enrolled, but your current status shows not enrolled, you'll need to login to your account to access the course. To login, click the login tab in the main menu or [...]

Concept to Launch

Welcome to the Concept to Launch course. Scroll down to access the content. If you cannot see the content, login

Amazon Seller Central Reimbursement

Welcome to the Amazon Seller Central Reimbursement Course. It is very important to keep track on any reimbursements that you may be owed if you are selling anything on Amazon. This course will guide you step by step on filing a reimbursement on Amazon Seller Central. If you have already purchased this course and require [...]

Google Search Ads for Your Amazon Listings

Drive external traffic to your product listings with Google Search Ads! This is an extremely effective and affordable way to rank your products for as little as $5 per day ad spend. This is a step by step course for beginners with video walk-throughs showing you how to set up, create, manage and optimize [...]

Listing Optimization Masterclass

Welcome to the Listing Optimization Masterclass. Scroll down and click on any of the headings to access the course content. NOTE: If you have purchased this course but it shows not enrolled, you’ll need to first login. If you would like to purchase access to this course, please click the above “Take This Course” Button […]

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