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Are You Retail Ready?

Tim Bush Interview with the Canton Fair Experience Course talks about the requirements for getting your products into big box retail
11 Apr

Are You Retail Ready?

Tim Bush talks with members of The Canton Fair Experience Course about the requirements for getting their products into big box retail. Do you want to sell your products in large retailers like Walmart, Target, and Costco? Watch this interview to find out how
Understanding Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Intellectual Property
the dangers of relying on product research software
14 Mar

Why I Don’t Use Product Research Software

I don't use product research software like Zonguru, Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, in my product sourcing or launching decisions. Everyday I'm on calls with clients helping them launch their products, learn to do market research, or grow their sales. Everyday I see people who have used product research software and are launching a product or putting a lot of money into a product and: 1. They think the market is bigger than it is 2. They've put all their eggs in one basket based on a bad differentiation of the product. But either way, I can usually tell that this product was found using product research software and I'm usually giving them information that makes them upset that they relied on product research software. So let me explain the 3 reasons I do NOT recommend using product research software in your sourcing decisions. Let me just caveat that its perfectly OK to use product research software to look at a broad view of the data. It's okay to see a list of products on jungle scout or zonguru and say "oh, that's what's currently selling on the market and trending", but what I don't want you to do is rely on that information. I want to talk about why I don't want you to rely on information provided by products such as zonguru, viral launch, unicorn smasher, or jungle scout, among others. The number three reason is that you have no background data on this information. The number two reason is because you don't have any differentiation or validation of the product. The number one reason is that the data is inaccurate and can't be trusted.
Canton Fair Experience Course Schedule
In Seller Round Table Session 3 we talk about the basics of mastering Amazon PPC advertising. We cover the latest in advertising options including the new dynamic bids as well as product targeting and how to create and manage these campaigns.
the richest man in Babylon Review
External Traffic - How to Rank your Amazon Product and Launch Successfully
1 Nov

Amazon Product Listing Optimization for the October 2018 Update

Amazon updated their algorithm in October 2018 and this effects how your product listings keywords are indexed. In this video I show you how to update your listings for this update, my tips and tricks for Amazon listings optimization overall, and some awesome Amazon Keyword tools. We’ll cover keyword research, long tail keywords, updating your […]
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