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Amy Wees – San Antonio, TX

Amy Wees is an inventor, entrepreneur, and E-Commerce expert. As the CEO of Amazing at Home Business Consulting, her coaching focuses on helping brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins, and launch those products in E-Commerce with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Amazon Launch: I can help you with every step of launch from planning, to writing your listing with SEO rich content, to setting up your PPC, to deciding which external traffic channels to advertise and how
  • Finding the Right Products: Don’t know if you picked the right product? Need help coming up with product ideas and validating that they will actually make you money? I’m your girl!
  • Inventions: I’m an inventor and patent holder, I have helped many brands bring innovative and unique products to market.
  • Product Development: Not sure how to develop your product differentiation, prototype, test, and manufacture? I can help.
  • Social Media Planning: Need to know how to research SEO content for your blog and social media posts that people will click on and engage with? I can help you plan and develop your social media growth
  • Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising: Is your advertising converting? Not sure how to set it up? We can go over this on coaching calls you can record the session so you’ll know what to do or you can hire it out!
  • Product Listing Optimization: I am a listing optimization expert. I can find keywords and use techniques others aren’t even thinking of! I have hundreds of page one listings across Amazon. I can do shopify too!
  • Brand Messaging: If you aren’t getting the sales you want, it’s possible you have no connection with your customer. I can help you define your brand messaging.
  • Business Planning and Strategic Growth: Not sure how to grow your team, get out of the daily grind of working in your business? I can help you plan for today and the future.
  • Sourcing: I have products manufactured in the US and China. I’m familiar with mold making and what it takes to effectively communicate with suppliers.

Kevin Dickinson, Huntington Beach, CA

Kevin is passionate about taking action to make big things happen. “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” An outspoken entrepreneur, he has over 7 years experience in product development / eCommerce / CPG industry and 15 years experience leading enterprise software development teams. He’s built and still operates his 7 figure Amazon eCommerce business. Bootstrapped from just $50, his private label wearable electronics brand was built while working a previous full time job and he’s eager to help you grow your brand similarly. Kevin has two young children and can understand the challenges of balancing your family while also hustling to grow your business vision.

Topics Kevin would love to Help You With

  • Ideation: How to create a new & unique product. Notice I did NOT say “find” a winning product from a product research tool? This is one topic that SO many entrepreneurs struggle with. I’ve refined a process that has helped me bring over 30 unique private label products to market and I’d love to share.
  • Validation: What product should you choose? Will your product sell? What price should it be sold at? I’d love to guide you through the most important process in our industry: product validation!
  • Product Development: I can help guide you through prototyping and testing of your product idea so that you can approach factories with confidence.
  • Factory Communication / Collaboration: Effectively communicate product specifics to Chinese factories and work collaboratively with them to get the product you want at the appropriate price
  • Product Orders: How many should I order? Learn how to make data driven decisions and build/decide on product orders like a pro.
  • Seasonal Products: Inventory / order management can be a tough subject for seasonal products and I’d love to help.
  • Profit & Margins: Are you making money from your business? I can help you target the right margins and negotiate with factories accordingly.
  • Automation / Software Integrations: Are you experienced seller looking to build automation into your business? I have years of software development experience and I’d love to help you draw out a plan to improve your business processes through automation.

Steven Selikoff – Seattle, WA

One passion, an old TV show, led me to discovering another passion; selling people things they like, and making a profit by doing so. In 1973 I was a vendor at the second ever Star Trek Convention. I sold framed photographs called ‘stills.’ They were images from the actual Star Trek TV Show printed from discarded film left on the editing room floor. I did so well I set up a mail order business. I was 13 years old, and I had caught the entrepreneur bug for life.

My expertise is finding good products at good prices. My goal is to teach you the how to identify products that sell successfully in both e-commerce, and in retail stores, how to source them in China, to make deals, how to negotiate effectively, and how to get products produced.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sourcing from China: I started sourcing from China in 2006 and began attending the Canton Fair in 2012. I can help you find the right manufacturers, communicate effectively with them and source profitably
  • Selling to Retailers: Although I started FBA just before Christmas my first year, (one of the very first people to use FBA) my focus has always been on selling to Retailers.
  • Differentiation & Product Development: Not sure how to develop your product differentiation, prototype, test, and manufacture? I can help.
  • Finding the Right Products: My expertise is finding good products at good prices. My goal is to teach you the how to identify products that sell successfully in both e-commerce, and in retail stores, how to source them in China, to make deals, how to negotiate effectively, and how to get products produced.
  • Negotiating the Right Prices: Are you making any money selling your products? Do you know your numbers? I can help you break them down, understand target pricing and negotiate incredible prices with your suppliers, all while keeping everyone happy and in business together
  • Pricing: I can help you understand what prices you should be sourcing and selling your products at
  • Ideation: I can help you think through your product ideas and ensure your differentiation matters to the customer
  • Validation: Want to make sure people will actually buy your products? How about retailers? Will they buy your products? I can help you validate your ideas so you can move forward and order with confidence.
  • Factory Tours: Want to visit your factory and aren’t sure what to do or how to do it? I can help you every step of the way. You can even book me to join you on your tour to have guided expertise by your side.

Timothy Bush – Mount Dora, FL

Timothy Bush is the host of the popular podcast; “On The Shelf: How To Get Your Products Into Big Box Retail” and the Owner of TLB Consulting, a company which has specialized in connecting companies and their products with Costco and other large retail chains since 2009. Mr. Bush’s first-hand knowledge of Costco makes his company a destination for individuals and companies looking to understand this large retailer.

Mr. Bush has worked at the executive level for companies such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Depot, Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble. Mr. Bush’s 20 years of experience with both the wholesale and retail aspects of bringing products to the consumer provides his clients a well rounded expertise not often found.

How Timothy Can Help You:

  • Selling to Big Box Retailers: Want to know if your products are ready for big box retail? How to approach big box buyers? The steps along the way? I can help
  • Selling to Retailers: Although my podcast is all about big box, I have a myriad of experience with every area of retail from specialty, to big box, to club stores and more
  • Packaging: Not sure how to design your packaging for retail? I can help you understand how to hire the right designers, the elements your designs should have and the steps to get it done right the first time.
  • Product Ideas: Want to know if your product idea is solid? I can help you learn to communicate and understand your differentiation and why it will matter to customers and retail buyers
  • Communicating with Retail Buyers: Do you have a tradeshow or buyer meeting coming up? Want to know how to prepare? I can help you every step of the way.
  • Pricing: It’s very important to understand what prices you should be sourcing and selling your products at, and the pricing structure for various retailers. I can help you fill out vendor paperwork and calculate pricing across the board.
  • Retail Hit List: Are you selling to the right retailers? I can help you develop a plan to ensure your product and brand are represented well in the marketplace.
  • Pitching: Preparing for a buyer meeting? I can help you pitch with confidence and leave with the sale!
  • Onboarding: Vendor paperwork can be crazy! You get the big order from Walmart and they send you a package of stuff to fill out. Where to begin? Guess what… I can help.
  • Production & Distribution: I can help you order the right quantities and deliver them on time
  • Sell-through and Reorders: Getting into the door of a retailer is a big deal, selling through and getting reorders is even bigger! Let me help.
  • Growth and Scaling: Not sure you can grow your business to support a 100,000 unit order? I can help you plan your growth and scale successfully
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