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Latest from the Blog

How to Source from China for Amazon FBA Step By Step

In July in our mastermind group we’re learning how to source products from China step by step. Here’s the list of topics we’ll cover on the road map to success:7/2 Introduction to Sourcing – Making a Sourcing List7/6 Evaluating Potential Suppliers7/9 Visiting Factories7/13 Negotiation & Communicating with Suppliers7/16 Using a Sourcing Agent or Third Party7/20 Designing Packaging (E-Commerce & Retail Considerations)7/23 Quality Control7/27 Inspection7/30 Shipping 101

How to Launch a Differentiated Product on Amazon

What are the four phases of an Amazon product launch? How do you launch a unique or differentiated product on Amazon? Let’s talk about it!

How to Get Your Products Inspected in China

Are you wondering how product inspections work and how to vet your factories?

In this 6 Part video series we talk with Tatiana from V-Trust Product Inspection Services. We talk about how to protect and inspect your products from vetting your suppliers, preparing to make an order, inspecting the products during production and finally shipping the products to their destination.

What can you expect to be inspected? Can you ask for more requirements? We conduct a thorough review of this process so you know what to expect when you get an inspection or factory audit. These are considerations for protecting your supply chain when sourcing from China or anywhere in Asia.

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Are you free for a couple hours next week between 29th June – 1 July?

If you are, please come join me and another 40+ amazon/e-commerce speakers at the Sourceii Virtual Summit where I’ll be doing a training session on market research.

June Events

Join Us at These Upcoming Online Events for Amazon Sellers and E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook

Facebook – With Trevor Goodchild In this session of the Seller Round Table podcast, Andy and I speak with Trevor Goodchild about all things Facebook and how to get the most out of the platform. Trevor talks about how your performance on Facebook or any other social media platform really depends on how much time [...]

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started With Amazon Private Label

There are many ways to get started and if you’ve never sold online before I recommend you start with retail arbitrage or sourcing small from wholesale sources such as Alibaba ready to ship. This allows you to very quickly flip $100 at a time and turn it into more money. You can make small mistakes instead of huge ones.

I have even sewn and made my own products and sent them in as test products before white labeling or private labeling them. I once sewed 20 automobile phone holders and sent them in. Cost me about $2 to make and I sold them for $14. I learned a lot and got great customer feedback.

Stop worrying about what business model to choose and just start with one product you can flip and learn the process of selling online.

Why I Can’t Pick Up Where Your Amazon Course Left Off

My response to”I’m already in elite programs, I’m sure you’ve heard of “Guru X or Course B” so I just need someone to help me pick products, I don’t need the rest of your curriculum. Should I just book a coaching call with you so you can help me pick products?” I do things completely differently than other programs. I don’t help people pick products, I help people discover opportunities, validate their product ideas, ensure they are winners, and launch with confidence.

Outsource School – How To Master Remote Work And Remote Workers With Nathan Hirsch

In this episode of the Seller Round Table Podcast, Andy and I speak with Nathan Hirsch about how to master remote workers. Something that Nathan talks about is treating your workers very well, and to have your employees working on many things you have to get done to get more done at one time. He [...]

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