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How to Use Flat Files to Create and Update Listings on Amazon Seller Central

Do you know how to use flat files to create, update and delete your Amazon product listings in Amazon seller central? This is a critical skill to have if you’d like to bypass hours on the phone or email back and forth with seller support.

Reducing the Impact of Returns on Amazon Margins

The occasional return is just part of conducting business. It’s an unfortunate reality that returns and the ensuing refunds that they generate are part of the game for every seller who chooses to operate on the Amazon marketplace. Approaching the returns process with a well thought out plan for minimizing the impact of refunds on […]

November 2020 on Amazon WINNING in Retail and the Biggest Thank You I can Manage

Wow I have to take the time to say THANK YOU for voting for us in the Amazon Seller Poll. We had huge WINS but all the gratitude goes right back to you. Please allow me to say thank you in this message.

Also I FINALLY signed my first major retail vendor contract and I’m well on my way to my goal of expanding beyond Amazon into retail. Here’s how I did it